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What Are Affiliate Hours?

Cumulative hours completed in service by financial chapter members directly to your affiliate, chapter operations or participation or planning of NULYP required activities.

The following count as Affiliate Service Hours:

  • Direct Affiliate Service - hours contributed to primarily supporting the operations and programming of your affiliate, including affiliate board service, affiliate program support, affiliate office administrative volunteering, extensions of established affiliate programming primarily run by YPs, support/partnership with the local Guild as another affiliate volunteer auxiliary, etc.

  • Chapter Operations - anything that contributes to the effective running and governance of a YP chapter, including Leadership Team and Committee meetings, General Body meetings, retreats and trainings

  • NULYP Participation - required activities hosted or led by NULYP including National Day of Empowerment, National Day of Service and Advocacy Initiative planning and execution, NULYP trainings, NULYP meeting attendance (COP or position specific)

  • Conference Attendance - The maximum number of Affiliate Hours that can be counted from attending virtual conference events is 6 hours/day.

The following DOES NOT count as Affiliate Service Hours:

  • Social events without a primary focus on promoting affiliates

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