Executive Team


Marvin Price



​Erica Wilkerson 

​Vice President 


Cheavonne Willis

Recording Secretary


Shelda Amilcka

Corresponding Secretary


Ashley Pauling 



Vincent Durman



Committee Chairs

Khrystin Bryant

Co - Membership Chair

Tony Knox

Co - Membership Chair

Daisha Haynesworth

Co-MarComm Chair

Jamar Davis

Co - MarComm Chair

As the Marketing and Communications Chairs, Daisha and Jamar ensure that all ULCCYP programs and events are publicized to specified audiences in a timely manner using all media outlets currently available with the assistance and input of the committee members.  They are also responsible for conducting public relations using existing media outlets (such as social media, email, radio television, etc.)

As the Membership Chairs, Khrystin and Tony set the criteria for membership, approve the membership of prospective ULCCYP members and determine the annual dues for members. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to planning and executing membership drives and orientating new members.

Roodlande Joseph

Community Outreach Chair

As the Community Outreach Chair, Roodlande set the criteria and agenda for ULCCYP community services projects. Roodlande is responsible for reviewing and recommending service projects to the Leadership Team, maintaining records on ULCCYP member participation on community service projects, and alerting members to ensure completion of their service duties.

Chad Hullett

Professional Development Chair

As the Professional Development Chair, Chad is responsible for the planning and execution of professional development assessments, activities, and other professional development-related services for ULCCYP members.

Tiara Lindo

Fund Development Chair

As the Fund Development Chair, Tiara is responsible for determining the budget required to implement the plans necessary to meet the needs of ULCCYP. She overseas all fundraisers, reviews the budget, determines the financial costs of ULCCYP, and reviews all financial contracts between ULCCYP and other public and private entities. 

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